Cigar Etiquette 101: Dos and Don’ts for Enjoying Your Cigar in Public

As a new cigar enthusiast, venturing into public spaces to enjoy your favorite smoke can be both exciting and intimidating. Understanding cigar etiquette is crucial to ensure a pleasant experience for yourself and those around you. In this guide, we’ll cover the essential dos and don’ts of cigar etiquette for beginners when smoking in public settings.


Be Mindful of Your Surroundings: Before lighting up, consider the people around you and choose an appropriate location. Avoid smoking in crowded areas, especially where smoking is prohibited.

Ask for Permission: If you’re in a social gathering or a friend’s home, always ask for permission before lighting your cigar. Not everyone may be comfortable with smoke, so being considerate is key.

Dispose of Ash and Butts Properly: Use an ashtray to catch the ashes and keep the area clean. Avoid dropping ashes on the ground, as it can be unsightly and disrespectful to the environment.

Respect Personal Space: While smoking in public, make sure to maintain a reasonable distance from others. Be aware that your smoke may affect people with respiratory issues or those who dislike cigar smoke.

Engage in Conversation: Cigar smoking can be a great conversation starter. If someone shows interest, feel free to share your passion for cigars, but avoid being pushy or overwhelming.


Don’t Exhale Smoke Towards Others: Be mindful of the direction you exhale your smoke. Blowing smoke directly at someone can be unpleasant and intrusive.

Avoid Smoking in Confined Spaces: Steer clear of enclosed areas, such as elevators, cars, or small rooms, where the smoke can linger and bother others.

Don’t Leave Your Butt Behind: Always dispose of your cigar butt responsibly. Leaving them on the ground or in public spaces is not only unsightly but also harmful to the environment.

Refrain from Smoking Around Children: Children may be more sensitive to smoke, so it’s best to find a smoke-free area when kids are present.

Don’t Flick Ashes Randomly: Avoid flicking your ashes without care. It can be hazardous and disrespectful to others’ belongings.

Helpful Tips:

If you’re uncertain about smoking in a particular setting, it’s better to inquire or find a designated smoking area.
Be courteous and considerate of others’ preferences and boundaries.
By adhering to these basic cigar etiquette guidelines, you’ll not only enjoy your cigar in public with style but also create a positive impression of cigar enthusiasts in general. Respect and consideration go a long way in fostering a harmonious environment for all to enjoy.

Happy cigar smoking!

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